About HollyStick Youth Project

I have an interest in creating a farm holding with diverse activities from agriculture, conservation, food technology, hospitality and peer support. This Project would be inclusive for mildly disabled youth, disaffected youth experiencing adversity as well as learning less-abled youth. We wish to create an experience of independence, Wwoofing and life skills in a unique environment. We are looking at also providing family respite for families who find holidays hard to manage due to caring and disability challenges.

This project would extend and enrich our current sustainable practices that I share on my blog Locavore Intentions as well as in a closed Face Book group An Authentic Life.

To encourage understanding of the issues some of our youth experience as well as the challenges facing them and their families I would like to present information, life experiences, interviews, insights and lived moments in the lives of those effected and who are looking for something innovative in caring and compassion applied to real life .. real people.

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