Friday, 11 March 2016

Epilepsy in the Spotlight

I have noticed over the years that I have been an Epilepsy carer that awareness of this oft debilitating neurological disorder is scant in the community. Some sufferers can get lucky and find a medication that suits them with few side effects and great benefit, but there is the chance that side effects are just as debilitating as the condition itself or that little benefit is to be had from front line medication options.

Comments surrounding the depth of knowledge in the community about aspects of epilepsy show that little education about it reaches the public and the broad scale of symptoms, syndromes and stigmas that sufferers have to face are just not known or understood.

Raising awareness can only benefit the community, increase the knowledge of how to react and treat a seizure and you have a win win situation. Reducing fear of seizure activity can only lead to a better place for everyone to live especially those with seizure disorders.

To that end Epilepsy Action Australia has created a photo competition called Picture me Purple with purple being the colour of epilepsy awareness as Purple Day approaches on 26 March.

Dabbling, as I do, in photography I have launched myself with 10 images featuring, or with enhanced, purple. I have decided to share these images with you and introduce some more of what I do. The caption at the bottom of each photo will take you to the competition voting page for that image.


An image taken in the back yard of Tim and Di's on our Christmas tour of Tasmania. A stunning summer sky as backdrop, who could ask for more?

through the purple is hope

Whilst in Tasmania a trip to the Royal Botanical Gardens, Hobart is a must and there I snapped this hopeful image. One of my favourites.

Epilepsy: sometimes we just bumble along

The Royal Botanical Gardens, Hobart also gave me this photographic opportunity of those delightful bumble bees that were so prevalent while we were there. The sheer improbability of their flight captured my idea of against all odds that we sometimes have to just bumble through.

With my next image I started playing with some software that came with my camera and I tried to capture the post ictal state that messes with a sufferer's recovery. The need to sleep, muscle aches, joint pain, confusion, headache, light sensitivity as well as the auras that jar and collide with reality.
Post Ictal: the colours of recovery

A beautiful spot with a rigorous walk to Sleepy Bay, Tasmania lent me this image to hopefully give an idea of life with seizures. It's not this pretty, it's jarring, uncomfortable, disturbing and unkind.

Purple chive

Slightly shifted into more of a purple mode these society chive flowers find themselves, not just on our menu, but onto my edit software for a chance of fame. Fresh from my garden I just couldn't resist these showy little blossoms.

even the king getting into the purple .. almost

This cheeky fellow dropped in for a visit on afternoon and couldn't help posing. With a bit of photo editing he was glammed up for Purple Day.

These curious king parrots are regular visitors and have personality to spare.


Another of my herbaceous garden stars with lots of purple to put on show. A favourite in the kitchen too, let's hear it for Sage!

Buds of Hope
We have to hold onto hope. Hope for more effective treatments options low on drastic side effects, for cures and for continued research breakthroughs

Another herbaceous garden favourite is calendula with it's soothing properties and festive appeal in salads. shifted into a bit of artistic purple this has to be one of my favourite edited images to date.

Purple in the evening
Last but not least is always the end of the day. Time to put away tools and survey our surroundings. Here I celebrate all the good that's been done and all the promise of tomorrow.