Friday, 4 March 2016

I have a dream ...

Some colours of representation:
purple for Epilepsy/Domestic Violence/ADD awareness
and for Spirit Day for victims of Homophobia
Orange for self harm and also ADHD awareness
white for causes yet named

... a dream of a judgement free place.

It has long been my experience that mental health is an oft mismanaged challenge in the lives of many people, especially our youth. We pin the hopes and dreams of our own old age enjoyments on the successes and joys we hope for and envision our youth to experience and their triumphs are a part of our joy journey and yet we, as a community, seem blind to the stumbling blocks, prejudices, hurts and dramas that play significantly on the life stage of the less advantaged youth even within our own homes.

So many topics ...

So many lost opportunities ...

So many losses ...

I wish to offer a venue of healing, story telling, experience sharing, life's truths and life's disappointments as well as those moments when we can't help but laugh in the dark, sing in the rain, dance like no-one is watching and make our own mark.

This is a place of outreach for anyone who wishes to contribute, share, tell a story, make a mark and learn, not just for their own youth, but for all who find the margins of society not good enough, inclusion a challenge or that distance claims them even in a crowd. I hope these will be their stories

Story telling has long been a teacher, moral template and history creator and the voices of our youth can contribute with vivid colour, vibrant tapestries, woven tales and undeniable truths ...

So why don't we listen and hope that in doing so we can create a place where these sharings are natural and a part of our accepted normal ... whatever that may be.

Some colours of representation:
Depression, Eating Disorders, Bipolar, Tourettes, Sexual assault and harrassment
and so many more I would like to see represented

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